Curly-q Hairbow Free Pattern!

curly q cover photo


Hey, Y’all!

It has been quite a while since I posted and I bet you were starting to miss me. :)

I have been super busy lately dreaming and scheming up patterns for the fall and winter!

I figured that I would come back and start us off with a nice little stash buster freebie.

I came up with these little curly-q hair bows a few years ago when I was trying to find something to enter in the “Most Unique Hair Accessory” category at the county fair. (I got a blue ribbon for that category, too.)

They have been on my brain again lately because my baby girl is going to play soccer this year! Her hair has grown out long enough now that she is going to need something cute to pull it back out of her face while she is racing up and down the field.

I decided to jot the pattern down to share with you all since I have been making a few of these for my daughter.

You will need:

A very small amount of yarn

Hair Ties

Size G Crochet hook


Needle for tucking tails


Start by making a slip knot and drawing a loop on your hook.


Next you are going to make a single crochet AROUND the rubber band.


Holding the rubber band in front of your loop and working yarn, reach through the center of the rubber band with your hook like in the picture. (My loop on my hook leaned forward with my hook but it is placed behind the rubber band.


Yarn over and draw the loop up around the band. Now you have two loops on your hook.


Draw through both loops and you have made a single crochet!


Single crochet 14 more times around the edge of the band just like you did the first one for a total of 15 sc.


Ch 15.


Starting in 2nd chain from hook, work 2sc in each chain.


Work 15 sc back around the other edge of the rubber band.


Ch 15


In 2nd Chain from hook, work 2 sc in each chain.


Join to the 1st sc. Tuck your tails and you are all done! :)

These are really great stash busters. If you are like me you have about 500 little walnut sized yarn balls in all different colors stashed around your house because you just KNOW you can use it for something. These are perfect for that! You can make one in about 5 minutes so it has that instant gratification factor going for it. They make really nice stocking stuffers, birthday gifts, etc. These would be nice for craft shows too!

These are really easy to adjust too. If you have a larger rubber band, just make more SC between each of the curly-q’s. If you want a longer curly-q, just make a longer chain. Get creative with them! Double up and use two different color yarns at once. :)

I hope you enjoy this pattern and have a ton of fun making your own curly-q hairbows!


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