Aztec Scarf Tutorial

There is a large drop off in custom orders for crocheted items during the spring and summer here. I live in Tennessee and it starts getting hot in April, and lasts until the end of October. This leaves me several months of what I like to call “Me Time.” I get to spend almost all summer dreaming and scheming ideas, projects, and patterns for my busy season.

I was recently inspired by an Aztec beading pattern I came across on Pinterest which led me to create my Aztec Print Scarf.

Edited Image 1

I am going to share with you a mini tutorial of how to make one yourself!

I used the flat tapestry crochet method in order to do the color changing in the middle of rows. This is the YouTube video that taught me how to do it. Its very short and very easy to follow along.

After you have learned how to do this method of color changing, you will need a chart to show you where to do the color changes in your work. This is the beading chart that I used to get this specific pattern, but you could use any type of grid-like pattern you want.

Aztec Bead Pattern

You can see that there are several different colors in this chart. Ignore that for now. Choose a color A for the blue squares in your scarf, and then pretend that all the red, orange, and yellow squares are just one color, and choose a contrasting color b. In my scarf, I used Lion Brand’s Hometown USA in Aspen Tweed for the blue squares, and the same brand in Chicago Charcoal for the red, orange, and yellow squares.

This chart is 17 squares wide. You will want to chain 17, + 1 more chain for your turn chain. Use the flat tapestry crochet method from the video above to change colors where the chart dictates, and always chain 1 as a turn chain at the end of each row.  I recommend printing this chart off, and marking off each row as you complete it because it is pretty easy to get lost in.

That, my friends, is how you make an Aztec print scarf! Here are some more shots of mine.

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 Edit Image 6

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I would like to specify that the beading pattern used in this scarf is not my original pattern. A link to the original creator can be found at the bottom of the beading pattern picture.

I am really excited about this project! It is one of my favorite things I have ever made. The tediousness that can sometimes accompany crocheting is eliminated because every single row in this project is unique. I have a lot of new ideas bubbling around in my head now that I have learned this new method of crocheting.

If you guys feel inspired to create your own Aztec scarves, I would love to see pictures of them! Share them in the comments.

Good luck and Happy Crafting!


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